Tyres all around : Nishirokugo Tyre Park at Kamata

Travelling between Tokyo to Yokohama on the Tokaido Line, nearby Kamata, I had seen a park filled with tyres. I had not planned to visit this place though but it certainly intrigued me every time I passed on my way to Yokohama.
Last month, accompanying my daughter to the Japan Open 2015 Rubik Cube Competition at Kamata, I decided to visit this place in the lunch break. The train passes from Tokyo side to Yokohama with the park on the right side of it.Tire Park at KamataThe main star of the park who will catch your eye the Tyre Godzilla replica in the center of the park. No its not trying to frighten, but rather welcome you. Lets zoom out a bit….Tire Park at KamataAs you see the tyre Godzilla is welcoming all with its hand spread out. Am sure you will be overwhelmed by the number of tyres! A lot of children were playing with the tire on that day, although, I wonder if I had recommended this park for boys?Tire Park at KamataAll the attractions here are built from tyres and I believe that this is a good way to recycle the used tires, and I could see the kids there making full use of the facility.Tire Park at KamataThe best part was the tyre slides. Kids were totally all over it, some falling off the tyres and getting bruised too once in a while, but all in good fun at the park.Tire Park at KamataThe parents tired from daily work also use the seating arrangement made from, yes of course, tyres! Although the park is cool in its concept do not plan more than 3-4 hours here, half a day is maximum. Of course the park is just another of the municipal parks in neighborhoods, so free access no doubt. Good number of vending machines all around the park too.Tire Park at KamataMany other robot formations built out of varied size of tyres.Tire Park at KamataAs other kids kept playing with the tyres, I spotted this young boy lost in thought sitting inside a cradle like tyre creation. Deep in thought and oblivious to all the playing activity around. Cute…
Tire Park at KamataThe park is just next to a trainparking space in Kamata. Saw a few Keihin Tokoku Line trains parked there on the rather less busy weekend, a Sunday.
Tire Park at KamataA side shot of the parking space of the Keihin Tohoku Line in Kamata.Tire Park at KamataWe wont certainly recommend you to go specially to see the tyre park since its just a regular park, like the one in every neighborhood. If you happen to be nearby Kamata by any chance and the kids are begging for some play time, it certainly wont disappoint. Tire Park at KamataLocation of the Tyre Park

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