Tokyo Station – Eerie silence at 12:00 a.m. on January 1, 2016

New Year’s Eve is a time for parties and fireworks in many countries, and I have enjoyed the festivities in so many cities with fireworks and a usual “Happy New Year” wishes to anyone and everyone on the street. In Japan and specifically in Tokyo, it is a somber time when people return to their hometowns to enjoy the extended vacations and other than a few locations like Asakusa Sensoji Temple and Zojoji Temple in Asakusa, the city will be wearing a “dead” look. Forget wishing anyone on the street, there is hardly anyone around. I took a chance to take a look at the Tokyo Station at the hour when the clock strikes 12:00 a.m. and it was an awesome sight to see the eerie silence at the station.Tokyo Station on New Year DayThe grand renovated North Exit of Tokyo Station, on New Year’s Eve (called “Omisoka” in Japanese) wore a rare look with NO ONE except a security guard around. RARE SIGHT. It is crowded with people on a regular day. A HDR shot of the TOKYO STATION exitTokyo Station January 1 12:00 a.m.A snap from the other side of the North entrance.Tokyo Station on New Year DayThe inside of the Tokyo Station too had mostly a few people going around but mostly it was a dead station. People must have crowded areas near Shibuya, but for a change 2016 morning I thoroughly enjoyed my photoshoot at the Tokyo Station.Tokyo Station on New Year DayAt last a few people around the Yamanote Line train platform, the trains run all night on the new years eve in Tokyo and you can clearly see that more than Japanese, it is foreign visitors who are more in number on the new years eve with no where to “return” to as against the majority Japanese who go back to their hometowns or prefer staying back at home with family members.Tokyo Station on New Year DayRare new year eve sights….Tokyo Station on New Year DayThe stairs leading to the Keihin Tohoku Platform had no one in otherwise busy place on a regular day.Tokyo Station on New Year DayThis place, the north exit is usually flooded with people crossing over, taking snaps of the beautiful ceiling.Tokyo Station on New Year DayA single man departs the Shinkansen (Bullet train) station in Tokyo. The bullet trains were running with early no passengers on. This location is the place where the late prime minister Osachi Hamaguchi fell victim to an assassination attempt on 14 November 1930 when he was shot inside Tokyo Station.Tokyo Station on New Year DayThe approach to Tozai Line from the Tokyo Station wore the same deserted look.
Tokyo Station on New Year DayI was with friends at the Tokyo Tower until 11:30 p.m. and I took this below image as the last one from my SLR (the above are iPhone snaps). Happy new Year 2016, more photography in the new year!Tokyo Tower and Zojoji Temple

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