Tokyo Disney Celebration Hotel to be constructed by 2016 at Shin Urayasu

Milial Resort Hotels, the company which operate the various Disney Hotels in Tokyo including the Disney Ambassador Hotel have announced plans for a fourth hotel to be built in Shin Urayasu neighborhood by 2016. The idea is to provide for reasonable rates for customers visiting the Tokyo DisneyLand and DisneySea. The rates although are not finalized willbe around 30000 yen a night which is nearly cheaper by around 20000 yen over the other Disney hotels in the vicinity Tokyo Disneyland Hotel and the Disney Ambassador Hotel. Press release click here
Tokyo DisneyLand new HotelThe hotel will be built to for around 700 rooms in a facility Fountain Terrace and Palm Terrace Hotel both which will be converted into a Disney themed hotel facility. The existing Disney hotels in the area operate at around 90% of the occupancy all the year around. The demand being quite high, Milial will bring these new properties to the Shin Urayasu area in a year’s time. A new Disney Store will also come up inside the hotels and the location will be closer to both the Tokyo DisneyLand and DisneySea facilities.

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