Ikebana exhibition at the Meguro Gajoen 2016

In nature, everything has its place and a reason to exist. It is not chaotic. The human mind treats nature as disorderly and imposes culture in an attempt to bring order. Frightening “forests” are domesticated into “docile” gardens, rivers converted to canals. Ikebana is a cultural construct, popularly and “insufficiently” translated as flower arrangement an

Oriental themed artistic toilet at the Meguro Gajoen

Public toilets need to be clean but artistic? Well thats an experience which I bumped into at Meguro Gajoen recently. Built in 1935 and known as the Showa Era’s ‘Palace of the Dragon God,’ Meguro Gajoen is the first wedding complex to be built in Japan. The rest room is elegantly designed in an oriental theme right from the

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