Sumida River cherry blossom illumination with the Tokyo Skytree backdrop

Sumida Park, the popular tourism spot next at Asakusa attracts a lot of visitors during the hanami (cherry blossom viewing) season. With the Tokyo Skytree coming up in the backdrop since 2011, the cherry blossoms have become more of a central place to visit for hanami crowds, and the night time illumination is on my personal highly recommended list. Families, office friends and couples can be seen enjoying their time underneath the trees with blue mats spread out and good food and beer to go with it.
Tokyo Skytree and Cherry Blossom illumination (Sakura)Posters in the trains come up announcing the special Cherry Blossom illumination (the pink part of the Tokyo Skytree) and the below poster has come up for 2015 announcing the 26th as the day when the blossoms start to pop out. I was checking my neighborhood and it seems that the season is well on its way and the weekend will be the right time to visit (March 28 types….)
imageThe best day to go on a WEEKDAY as against the weekend, and as you can see in the below snap, the park is completely at your disposal to enjoy the flowers and less crowds as against WEEKENDS which are usually JAM PACKED.
Tokyo Skytree and Cherry Blossom illumination (Sakura)The Sumida Park is accessible on the GINZA LINE ASAKUSA STATION just a min walk from the station, hardly needing any directions. The flowers will bloom usually by last week of March and stay until the 10th of April, but this keeps changing every year depending on the blossom periods.
DSC04567The trees in this Park come from very famous spots around Japan. For e.g. The famous Weeping Sakura Tree of Fukushima (Miharu Takizakura), a branch was donated to Sumida Park in 2011. It is part of the Fukushima Sakura Project which aims to preserve the tree at various locations across Japan and is passed on to successive generations. The branch is just three years old and already taking shape.
Sakura, Cherry Blossoms and SkytreeThere are Walking trails with blossoms on both sides at Sumida Park and you will be allowed to spread out your plastic sheets in the vicinity and sit with your family and friends to enjoy the flowers. I prefer to keep walking than just sitting at one place though.
DSC04572You can also get a magnificent view of the Sumida River and the light boats which pass with people enjoying themselves on the boat with beautiful flower views. Maybe I am going to try that some day. Just seems too costly though from various websites I have checked.
DSC04534 パノラマ写真Beautiful Lanterns keep company along with the Skytree and the cherry blossoms around Sumida Park. I also love to enjoy a cup of coffee, there is a Tully’s Cafe in the vicinity too. With the weather getting better during spring a cup of coffee and a stroll around the park rather than sit inside the cafe would be a recommend.
Sakura, Cherry Blossoms and SkytreeElaborate arrangements are made in the Park and do not overstep the boundaries set by the authorities. It is not a matter on a weekday since crowds are sparse, but on a weekend, usual to find people wading over the ropes and walking just next to the trees. It is said that the roots of Cherry trees are at shallow levels and the shocks of people walking close by or stamping, makes them weak and take enough care not to disturn the same.
Sakura, Cherry Blossoms and SkytreeWalking and jogging trail near the riverside of Sumida Park; this track on both sides of the river has very beautiful blossoms. Evenings in the hanami season sees very less joggers and many couples enjoying the blossoms. Exercise takes a back seat I suppose.
Sakura, Cherry Blossoms and SkytreeThe Cherry Blossoms are on both sides of the Sumida River. You can hear faint sounds of people singing on the other side of the river too! The ambiance and the overall mood is very festive and the “Japan” experience sounds about perfect in the season of Cherry Blossoms.
Do visit at the blue hour when the Tokyo Skytree illumination just starts, the blue background of the sky and the illuminated tower contrast very well including the trails of the various ships which pass below in the Sumida River.


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