Little Things Tokyo : Surviving Tokyo’s Summer Heat

As every year, I forget the “humid and sweltering season” of Tokyo’s summer heat. Every year it feels “more hot than ever”. The moment you venture outside, the suffocating wall of heat hits you like a ton of bricks. It’s relentless, draining, and enough to make you question your sanity for leaving the comfort of air conditioning. I literally feel jealousy towards this pigeon who is all enjoying his time in the water, and me in business suit with a heavy bag to carry.

Add to that the heat island effect, and you’ve got yourself a real sweat-soaked adventure. The towering buildings and concrete jungle trap the heat, turning the city into a giant oven. Every step feels like a marathon, and seeking shade becomes a survival instinct. But amidst the scorching struggle, there’s a certain camaraderie as we all battle the heat together. So, grab your water bottle, find solace in air-conditioned havens, and brace yourself for Tokyo’s summer furnace. I stopped by this elaborately decorated vending machine to stay hydrated

Three summer months, it’s a challenge, but one that builds character and gives us stories to tell when the cool breeze finally arrives. Although the taxi seems totally out of season, I long for the cherry blossom season or the autumn to get back

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