Hakusan Shrine Summer flowers Ajisai/Hydrangea

Summer time in Tokyo, Hakusan Shrine is famous for the Ajisai/Hydrangea flowers. Over 3,000 hydrangea plants bloom in June with variety of colors. The first week of June to first week of July is the time every years when there is a Ajisai Matsuri (Hydrangea festival) at the Hakusan Shrine.

Beautiful lanterns and the Hydrangea flowers at the Hakusan Shrine. The color variety at the Hakusan Shrine is really worth mentioning here. Scroll on for a colorful photostory shot on my iPhone 6.  Hakusan Shrine Ajisai Hydrangea festivalI first went and stood in a line and offered my prayers at the main hall. The Hakusan Shrine is also supposed to be known for its power to heal dental ills (!), you can get a toothbrush offering or the like during the event period.
Hakusan Shrine main hall honjoThere were beautiful green lanterns all around the shrine. I went on a clear day and lucky to a blue sky background for these green lanterns. I think it might be nice to also come in the evening when the lanterns would be lit up.Lanterns at the Hydrangea festival at Hakusan ShrineSpotted a young beautifully dressed Japanese lady watching the flowers. Her yukata was so beautiful with the flower designs reflecting the mood of the festival. Beautiful dress, see the purse in her hand and the umbrella which all match to the overall get up she was in..Japanese Kimono wearing lady watching the Ajisai Hydrangea flowers at Hakusan ShrineSome flowers in the shrine. I understand that depending on the soil composition (acidic or alkaline) the colors of the Ajisai/Hydrangea produces flowers accordingly.Pink color Hydrangea at Hakusan ShrineThe blue flowers at the Hakusan Shrine. Blue center with light blue petals surrounding it. Blue Color Hydrangea at Hakusan ShrineThe Hydrangea has one more variety which is never influenced by the soil acidity or the alkaline and hence remains only white in color. The below is of that variety.White Color Hydrangea at Hakusan ShrineLovely lavender flowers at the Hakusan Shrine. The shrine really has varied colors of Hydrangea flowers and for this year 2015, the blossoms have already started June 5 and will last until July first week.Lavender Hydrangea at Hakusan ShrineWhen the soil content is mixed alkaline and acidic, the same flowers show varied colors in the same bunch. Check the image below which shows a combination of the pink (alkaline) and blue (acidic) flowers in the same bunch. Mixed color Hydrangea, AjisaiHakusan Shrine in the backdrop and the Ajisai / Hydrangea flowers. So beautiful…. Has a very Japanese feeling of natural flowers and the cultural backdrop. Bunkyo Ward is famous for retaining the cultural heritage within the development all around it. Hakusan ShrineThe shrine has other flowers also. The yuri flowers are also in bloom in the month of June and the overall crowds are heavy on weekends. If you can plan on a weekday…Other flowers at Hakusan ShrineSome more flowers…
Beautiful Hydrangea at Hakusan ShrineMany Japanese were making sketches of the blossoms and enjoying the colors of the flowers. I love to make sketches myself and was feeling sad that I did not prepare myself for the same. Next year for sure
Drawings at Hydrangea festival at Hakusan ShrineThere were competitions being held at the shrine and people were very engrossed in their work, doing with diligence and dedication. I wanted to do the same too, but had other plans later in the day and had to go back after a couple of hours well spent at the shrine.Drawing of Ajisai at Hakusan Shrine

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