Hachiko, Tokyo Station – LuckyDrop figures to go on sale on Feb 12, 2016

Kaiyodo has announced some interesting figures to be launched on February 12, 2016 which you can buy from capsule dispensing machines at various stations on the JR lines in Tokyo.
Tokyo Station, Shimbashi Station, Hachiko, Akihabara figuresThe 6 figures to go on sale as part of the “Souvenir of walking around JR Yamanote Line” campaign by the JR East (山手線さんぽフィギュアみやげ) are as below
・Tokyo Station (Marunouchi side)
・Shibuya Station (Hachiko statue)
・Shimbashi Station (SL engine front)
・Ueno Station (Panda at the Ueno Zoo)
・Akihabara Station (Electric City)
・Ueno Station (Anmitsu Mihashi)

The capsule will be like the below dispensed from the machines…Capsule Yamanote LineThe miniature gifts are 400 yen a piece and can be bought at major stations on JR stations in Tokyo. I would love to get the Tokyo Station figure for sure! The figures will also be available at the NewDays stores in the station premises on JR Lines in Tokyo.ah_jr6_thum630
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