Hachiko, A passive smoker promotes World AIDS Day

Hachiko, the popular attraction at the Shibuya Station is wrapped with a red ribbon for the past one week. It’s the World AIDS Day on December 1 and he is promoting awareness of the same. Passive Smoker Hachiko at Shibiya Station.Its a perfect sunny day of Autumn here today in Tokyo and life is bright with autumn colors all around. However, if I turn my camera towards the left hand side though, OUCH, that SMOKING SECTION is filled with people early morning at 09:00 a.m. puffing away the smoke all around and honestly such a big nuisance.
Passive Smoker Hachiko at Shibiya Station.Am not sure whose idea it is to setup a smoking section just next to the dear Hachiko, but I have a feeling that he should be promoting the ill effects of smoking and passive smoking, something he himself is a victim of. Don’t you think so? I don’t get it but is this the COOL JAPAN image that Japan wants to promote? This is one of the top visited location by tourists who come to Tokyo and many come along with their kids. The first impression is “smells so much of tobacco”… seriously.
Passive Smoker Hachiko at Shibiya Station.With more tourists and visitors expected with the Olympics closing in, is it not better to relocate this?
Smoking area near Hachiko

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