Christmas Illumination at the Roppongi Hills : Artelligent Christmas 2015

The city of Tokyo is awash in illuminations all around. I remember 2004, the first year of Christmas illumination at Roppongi Hills and was amazed to see the lights all around the newly built Roppongi Hills complex with the Tokyo Tower in the distance. The illumination in Roppongi Hills since then is usually  held until December 25th. You can start to see the lights on from 5pm to 11pm.Roppongi Hills Winter IlluminationAround the Roppongi Hills there are three different places to enjoy the LED display of countless lights. They are Keyaki-zaka area, 66 Plaza, and Mori Garden. The Mori Garden is the part at the backside of the complex.
Roppongi Hills Winter IlluminationYou can also see the Mori Garden area from the from the Roppongi Hills Complex with the decorations of  blue and white LED. The Tokyo Tower really provides an interesting backdrop for the illuminations here.Roppongi Hills Winter IlluminationIn November, its foliage time and you can enjoy a few trees in the vicinity of the Roppongi Hills and Mori Garden which also are in colourful setting of the season. Roppongi Hills Winter IlluminationThe area around 66 plaza has beautiful Christmas tree lit up and also the trees around are decked with LED lights. 6000 lights per tree to be precise. The illumination event is called ‘Artelligent Christmas’, the annual winter illumination at Roppongi Hills. Roppongi Hills Winter IlluminationThe Mori Garden has a lot of varied colors of autumn on display presently and you can enjoy the colors and lights until end of November while in December the leaves would have withered away.Roppongi Hills Winter IlluminationThe Keyaki Zaka is undoubtedly the best point to view the street action below, with traffic flowing and the lights on either side of the street with the Tokyo Tower right in the center in the background. The street below gets quite crowded around Christmas when the number of people who come to watch the illumination swells.Roppongi Hills Winter IlluminationGlittering Christmas lights at night are a romantic setup and mostly couples can be seen enjoying the lights in the evening going back from their daily routines at the office. Family crowds gather on weekends. NOTE that the illumination ends at Christmas and the new year time, the area wears a deserted look with no lights after that. They should extend the illumination atlas until the new year holidays….Roppongi Hills Winter Illumination

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