143 Tokyo Metro/Subway Stations in Tokyo to get “hassle-free” WiFi spots

The number one ask from tourists coming to Japan has always been ease of connectivity to WiFi spots across the city. Primarily to connect to internet and access travel related information tourists had to contend with long subscription processes or sometimes non availability of a carrier contract in Japan, left isolated with no connectivity. With the

Experience Tokyo – An ice cream you will not forget @Nakano Broadway

Tokyo has many odd places and we recommend you to not miss the Nakano Broadway, on the west part of the city famous for its “special size” ice-cream shop Daily Chico Soft Cream. We saw this Youtube video and were intrigued by the portion size of the ice-cream a 8 layer!!! First to start off with a snap

Not just Free WiFi : Case for multilingual disaster warning systems

The past one year, keeping a track of tourism related news, Japan seems to have suddenly woken up to the fact that foreign tourists cite a lack of free WiFi internet connectivity in Tokyo and other cities. In Japan, where English is not widely spoken and tourists are looking for self direction, they prioritize connectivity over everything

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