50 Years of LOVE IN TOKYO : 1966-2016 photo story

Let me recollect the FIRST word in Japanese language that I have learnt in my life…. Well, I clearly remember that I was around 10-12 years old and the Doordarshan channel was playing the 1966 hit, bollywood movie LOVE IN TOKYO. The song SAYONARA SAYONARA introduced the first word for me, “Sayonara” which is the Japanese word for farewell. Ironic that the first word I learnt is FAREWELL, used mostly when you see off someone you are probably NEVER gonna meet again…love-in-tokyo_1966

I moved to  Japan in 1998, and was working at an Indian insurance company  New India Assurance which was based in Hibiya Park Building (the building is now no more). It is just a stones throw from the place where the song “Sayonara Sayonara” was partly filmed in addition to other location in and around central Tokyo. So much has changed in these past 50 years since the movie was shot here, but there are still those traces which can be found “intact” even today. Here is a photo story of a things which I have tried to compare.

HIBIYA PARK : Lets start with the Hibiya Park place where the song  was shot. The development around Hibiya Park with a few commercial  buildings is easily visible, but the pelican fountain where Joy Mukherjee is walking by, still stands as is! The plants around, the railings and all is still so similar even 50 years from the 1966 time…. Wonder if they will be around for another 50 years… 🙂LoveinTokyo3IMPERIAL PALACE TOKYO : This location was a difficult, but an interesting one. The Imperial Palace grounds are quite spread out and finding this was proving difficult. We located a volunteer (a senior citizen) on the palace grounds and I showed him the video on my iPhone. He gave me a queer look and said that this video must be very “old”. He explained that the building on the extreme right was the OLD Imperial Hotel which has since then been rebuilt and directed me to the present location. I was so happy to locate this one and the stone foundation patterns too match if you look closely.
LoveinTokyo1HANEDA AIRPORT, TOKYO MONORAIL : Every major city sport a monorail kind of infrastructure in todays 21st century. My hometown Mumbai also has a monorail which made its debut a couple of years back. It must have been an awesome presence 50 years back when the Monorail on the backdrop of the Olympics was in operation. Nothing sort of a miracle then, the Monorail featured in the film and Asha Parekh and Joy Mukherjee can be seen in this shot, the bridge which has undergone maintenance over the years, but still stands today connecting the domestic terminals and the new international terminal too. I returned from London last month and instead of going back home, strolled around the airport to locate the venue and got it all RIGHT!
LoveinTokyo2TOKYO TOWER AND ZOJOJI TEMPLE GROUNDS : This one did NOT need any searching. The Tokyo Tower and the Zojoji Temple grounds are easily recognizable and although the Tokyo Skytree has made its debut on the Tokyo skyline in 2011, the Tokyo Tower still remain popular and is on the must see list of visitors. The 333 feet structure inspired by the Eiffel Tower still stands tall and has various illuminations throughout the year.LoveinTokyo6AKASAKA MITSUKE TRAFFIC SQUARE : One of the most striking comparison was the GREEN COVER of Tokyo. In 1966 and even today the Imperial Palace grounds are one of the green spots in the city although the green cover has reduced across the city five decades later.  The expressway is getting old and the maintenance costs in a deflation economy of Japan are rising every year. The Japan of 1966 was “new” and “modern”. Hopefully the Olympics 2020 will reset the infrastructure and a modern new Tokyo will be ready in a couple of years time.50 YEARS OF LOVE IN TOKYO : 1966-2016 PHOTO STORY

HIBIYA PARK AGAIN : Lets return to the Hibiya Park. A pond at the backside, which I discovered last week has a fountain that you can see between Joy Mukherjee and Asha Parekh. The present state, the statue has horribly rusted but still stands in the Japanese style pond at the Hibiya Park. The pelican trying to take off can be clearly seen.LoveinTokyo5Just next to the fountain seen above, you can also see the resting place as below which also is still around in the garden.50 YEARS OF LOVE IN TOKYO : 1966-2016 PHOTO STORYTOKYO STATION : Now this one’s hilarious… Have you seen the song “Le Gayi Dil Gudiya Japan ki”? At the start of the song Joy Mukherjee is seen carrying Asha in front of the Tokyo Station and he MERCILESSLY drops her to the ground near the footpath. MEAN, VERY MEAN…. Was it incidental, intended, we may never know, but he literally plonks her down. OUCH That must have hurt. The Tokyo Station area is under renovation for a couple of years now, and the front area is being rebuilt with the Olympics in view. Expect a lot of changes by 2018 here.50 YEARS OF LOVE IN TOKYO : 1966-2016 PHOTO STORYGINZA NEON LEDs : Tokyo has always been about Neon lights at night. They have been the stereotypical image of the city built over the years and the Ginza shopping district lights have been captured in the movie too! NEC, Mitsubishi all popular brands feature in the movie. The cylindrical structure building in the ppular Ginza Square then sported Mitsubishi lights, which since a few years back now belong to the company, RICOH which has a gallery on the 10th floor in that building.50 YEARS OF LOVE IN TOKYO : 1966-2016 PHOTO STORYUENO PARK : Ok, so here is a disclaimer. I am not 100% sure about this location. I have done endless investigation, I asked a store clerk at the Matsuzakaya Ueno Store which is visible in the 1966 movie. The logo on the extreme right is clearly visible and the store clerk “feels” that it is the location in Ueno. The 2016 snap is all new buildings and a very different Ueno downtown today. The Matsuzakaya Store on extreme right is hardly visible from this spot, but it still stands there today.LoveinTokyo4UPDATE APRIL 2017 : The Midori no Rhythm (みどりのリズム像) Statue : Continuing the Ueno theme, do you see a statue of two girls holding hands in the 1966 version in the below snap? I wanted to check if this location was indeed Ueno and started to look at landmarks which can help me define if this was indeed the same location…. That statue is not longer around so I had to contend myself with the Matsuzakaya store sign. Its been nearly a year since I wrote this article, and I was strolling around Ueno yesterday enjoying the Cherry Blossoms (April 9, 2017). I have mostly forgotten about this article and as I passed the lanes of Ueno enjoying the flowers, at the backside of the Ueno Park, the statue of two girls holding hands came into sight, completely a BIG SURPRISE. I had tried so much to find more about this statue and had not succeeded an unplanned find!, just 400 meters from its original location. This corroborates my finding that the original location in 1966 film is indeed UENO PARK!!!Love in Tokyo : みどりのリズム像 1966 2016Bollywood film, Love in Tokyo explored various locations in Tokyo and also Kyoto. I will post a Kyoto photo comparison soon. The movie set in the Olympic town of 1964 is set to again visit Olympics in 2020. So many memories this film has set for my generation and I can totally relate to all those locations in the city even today. Many more Bollywood films are being shot in Tokyo these days with Ranbir Kapoor’s Tamasha being the latest one. Hope more Bollywood hits are shot in Tokyo similarly to London which is by far the top most location to appear in Bollywood films. Westminster Square, Warren Street, Tower Bridge, Trafalgar Square, even distant cities like Oxford all are on the Bollywood map…. and hopefully Tokyo gets more popular in the years ahead….


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  2. Jaya Shah


    Very interesting article ! You sure have spent a lot of time and effort to locate the right locations of the movie !
    Pictures of Asha Parekh & Joy Mukerji make the article even more fun to read it !
    It brings back the memories of that time !

    Jaya Shah

  3. GreenT


    very interesting article. Hats off to your efforts.
    Have you tried to find the two dancing girls statue around Ueno park? You can see at 2.56 min in song. That will help you find the location.
    Also at 2.54 you can see a board containing the gate name of ueno park or the street name.
    Unfortunately I am not in Japan anymore so can not find.

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  6. Ravi


    Brilliant Boss, just simply brilliant. Look forward to the Kyoto edition. Thanks a ton.

  7. Reply

    Very Impressive Manish. Really liked the thought behind the post & efforts you have put in. Japan seems to be an interesting place to explore. It could be my next travel destination. Interesting read. Well done 🙂

  8. Ado Ibro


    lol!!!!!!!!!!! funny enough the song SAYONARA SAYONARA, remains the most striking part of the movie for me, I am glad some parts from the movie still exist. good to meet people who saw the movie and loved it too.

  9. Nikhil Patel


    Wow came across this whilst surfing for Jap holidays …Remember the movie when I was growing up and wondered what an amazing place Tokyo would be …Years later when I lived and worked there I always thought about this movie. Thanks to the author for taking the time and trouble to bring back memories of school days.

    • Reply

      Nikhil, thanks for the comment and good to know that it brought back some nostalgic moments for you. Hope you do visit the locations and relive the nostalgia.
      – Manish

  10. Ravi Chandra


    Man, you must have LOVED the film! I visited Tokyo, and the Ueno area too, but the thought of comparing the locations in the film then and now never crossed my mind. Thank you for your efforts! Waiting now for the Kyoto collection (haven’t been there though).

    • Reply

      Thanks so much for stopping by and your response.
      Your feedback helps me get energy to go out and take more snaps!!
      – Manish

  11. Zahir Dharsee


    Hi – I found this very interesting. I too saw this movie as a young boy of 10 in 1966 in Nairobi Kenya. I saw parts of the movies again as I plan to visit Tokyo in may and was researching to see if there was any information on the locations where the movie was shot. Many of my questions are answered here and I will definitely try and visit the places noted in this article. Thanks Zahir

  12. S.K. Mehta


    I am all of 29yrs old n have grown up watching ‘Love in Tokyo’ umpteen times (it’s my favourite is an understatement 🙂 ) !!! After seeing the gorgeous Asha Parekh in a beautiful ‘Sakura pink’ saree in the song ‘o mere shah e khuba’ …..it’s been a childhood dream for me to do EXACTLY that someday! N guess what…dreams do come true ! Just last year I got a chance to live my Fairy tale – YES! I strutted all of Tokyo ( Tokyo tower, Ginza etc.) IN A PINK SAREE with my hero -my awesome husband !!! 🙂
    This article is a REAL TREAT for all the LOVE IN TOKYO fans out there!!! Thanks for the lovely read! Makes me wanna go back ! Fingers crossed! 🙂

  13. Reply

    I recently traveled to Tokyo and after coming back I watched the movies again. Through Wikipedia page, I jumped into your much interesting blog – and it has been a revelation. You have very beautifully figured-out many places where the movie was shot. Interesting work ! Keep it up !
    If you get some time please add more places where the movie was shot, like Hiroshima.

  14. Hetal


    I am currently in tokyo and followed your article with interest as I was also a big fan of the movie. I found the fountain in hibiya park so was thrilled to see it compared to 1966
    Thanks again for your efforts

  15. Shrirang


    Hats off to your untiring efforts to visit these beautiful spots and writing an illustrative article.It really is quite interesting to the generation of 60s for whom Love in Tokyo has been a memoir.
    The movie and the songs are just fabulous and carry equal weight even after 52 years of creation.Hats off to Shankar Jaikishen and team of LIT…Thanks sharing a beautiful write-up of yours.

  16. Sanjiv Gupta


    Very interesting article, Manish. Last year I visited Tokyo and when I came back, watched the movie and read your article. This is year also just after visiting Tokyo, I am again reading it. Amazing !

    This article is a real treat and gives a different kind of view to enjoy Tokyo.
    Do you know any other Bollywood movie filmed at Tokyo ?

  17. Vinod Anand


    Hi I was just looking for tecollecting the lyrics of the song that Asha ji is seen singing (Koi matwala aya mere dware ) when Joy is startled by her beauty and the dance and my search accidentally tripped on your article which made those golden old days vernal in my mind. I was around 7 years old when the movie hit the screens for the first time. You really did a lot of hard work to find those iconic locations. It was for the first time that I saw a fun park and the double motion (revolving and rotating ) Cup ride. Indubitably , you have done an immeasurable obligation upon our and the current generation through your painstaking efforts showing transmuted images of Tokyo then and now. The Rusting falcon is saddening. Thanks again for all your sincere hard work.

  18. Sudhakar


    Hi Manish!

    I have been to Japan couple of times. I was just watching the song O Mere Shah e khuba. I think part of this song has been shot at Miyazima Island.

    On a different note, while visiting Nikko I came to know that three monkeys originally belong to Japan.

  19. Ravikiran Bhagwan Kharatmal


    Me and my Father both are fan of Shankar Jaikishan music and films.
    Love in Tokyo was one of the beautiful and famous movie.
    Such a great and good efforts taken by you to show the comparisons of the old and new Toyko beautiful scene photos.
    Gob bless me and my family to visit Toyko every year.
    God bless you and your family.
    Ravikiran Kharatmal.

  20. jesal


    That was a very wonderful write up sir, and appreciate the effort to post the photos. This light hearted movie brings back memories of my deceased Father who was a huge fan of Love in Tokyo and the laughs we had as teenagers at Mehmood’s antics and marvel at the Tokyo of 1960s that seemed straight of paradise. Ever since, I have been wanting to visit Japan and make my children see a land that rose from its ashes. Just got flooded with loads of memories and my eyes got a bit wet. Thank you once again, Sir. I am now an Australian citizen and dont require a Visa to visit Japan which makes me all the more eager and commited to this trip. I will keep you posted. Thank you once again!

  21. deepika


    Nice post. I was checking continuously this blog and I am impressed that u r back.

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    Is it okay I scrape this and share it with my community members?

    Thanks a lot and Keep up the nice work!

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  24. Peter


    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I truly appreciate your
    efforts and I am waiting for your next post thanks once again.

  25. Samrat


    What a great idea. When I visit Tokyo next tie, I will try to visit some places you have indicated. Probably starting with Hibiya Garden maybe..

  26. Shana


    Oh my goodness! Impressive article dude! Thank you so much, will visit the park in Hibiya in August!

  27. Sarah


    I do not even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was great.
    I don’t know who you are but certainly you are going to a famous blogger if you
    are not already 😉 Cheers!

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