Too many Hachiko figures grrrrrr….

So the Yamanote Line figures have gone on sale and I decided to pick up two. WHY TWO? There are five different figures on sale and since one does not know which capsule has what, buying two increases the odds of getting a Hachiko figure. I want to place one Hachiko figure on my office desk in the office. Seems like a good idea to buy two…. So, on my way to the office at JR Osaki Station, I went around to take a look if the capsule station was put up and rightly so it was!hachikoThe figures can be bought not only at the capsule station but also the NEWDAYS convenience store, there are two at the Osaki Station! 400 yen a piece, I bought two as per the plan! YAY now the fun part of opening the capsules and surprising myself of what I finally bought. HACHIKO please…..hachikoBeautiful round capsule bought at 400 yen…. hachikoWishing myself good luck I opened one of the capsules and to my amazement I got the Hachiko right in the first capsule itself!!!! YAY mission accomplished!! Out of the 5 different figures with a probablity of 20% success, I got a hit at the first point itself. YIPEEE. Still one more capsule to go and I already got what I wanted 🙂hachikoAhh OK, so since I have got the Hachiko figure, now my heart started to wish for the Tokyo Station figure. Ohhhh one is never satisfied… Nevertheless I already got the Hachiko, so why worry. Whatever it is, its a bonus. I opened the next capsule and boom another Hachiko, YIKES, WTH, two Hachiko? I started to get a sad feel of having overspent. One Hachiko was a pleasent surprise, a genuine need. Two Hachiko figures feels like a let down, I started questioning my own decision of buying two at a go. Should have bought one, checked the contents and then bought one more…. ahhhh…. we all go through this “if only I had chosen to” scenarios.hachikoAlthough its a mission accomplished somewhere I feel like I wasted money and indeed I have albeit a trivial amount of 4 dollars. Maybe it was not such a good idea after all. Probably I will gift this to someone and not waste it, “MOTTAINAI”, the perfect Japanese word in such a scenario. By the way the other figures on sale are as below.Tokyo Station, Shimbashi Station, Hachiko, Akihabara figures


  1. Dinoboi


    Nooooo!i will be leaving for Manila tomorrow and missed my chance of buying a hachiko lucky drop fig. I want one!

  2. dB


    tough luck…if i get a change to visit japan i again will look for this as token of my trips there.

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