Shadow of Hachiko and masters reunion a hit with the Japanese

The University of Tokyo decided to erect a bronze statue of Mr. Ueno and his pet dog to commemorate 90 years of his death with a reunion statue. The professor’s pet dog Hachiko touched the hearts of Japanese people across the nation due to his devotion of waiting every day in front of Tokyo’s Shibuya Station for his master, Hidesaburo Ueno to return from work, while Mr Ueno had passed away 9 years back..The original article is here.

DSC07154The reunion statue has been quite popular after it was open to the public a few months back, but the Japanese blogs and news media are not only looking at the statue, but the night time lights which cast a shadow on the back side of the statue which is attracting comments like “very real”, “made me emotional”, “I cried” from local Japanese!

I went today evening to take a look and concentrate on the shadow and not the statue it indeed gives a feel as if the pet dog has now reunited with his owner…
DSC07151I had seen the statue in the day time, but the night time experience is again a bit different. It is really quiet in the campus and less number of visitors. Both the statue and the shadow taken in one shot
Hachiko and his master reunitedThe University gates are open in the night time and ther eis no particular time when it closes as far as I know, so you can go in a very flexible time. The location is here.
Hachiko and his master reunited In day time the statue is now attracting many visitors and we believe it will be an attraction in Tokyo.
Hachiko and his master reunited

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