Mt. Fuji view from Tokyo : Wakasu Koen (Park) in Koto Ward

Look at any wood block prints, Ukiyoe from the Edo period of the Edo (Tokyo) City and chances are that you will find Mount Fuji in the distance. The iconic mountain, in absence of the skyscrapers was visible almost from anywhere in the city which unfortunately is no more the case. The most famous wood block print was that of the Nihonbashi Bridge, yes! Mt. Fuji was visible from the bridge too! These days you need to look out for open spaces and one of the spot near my home is the Wakasu Koen (Park) in the Koto Ward, eastern part of Tokyo
Mount Fuji watching spot at the Wakasu ParkThe Tokyo Gate Bridge is relatively new (2011) and connects the eastern part of Tokyo, Koto Ward to the central locations of Shingawa area. The Wakasu Koen Park areas has undergone development post this bridge being built up and continues to get extra investment funds with the location also on the list of venues for the Olympics water events in 2020. On a clear day, you can get beautiful views of Mount Fuji from this park.
Mount Fuji watching spot at the Wakasu ParkYou can spot many people who also use the facility for fishing and especially in the summer times, the park also doubles up as a camping space. Beautiful mountain, bridge in the forefront and peaceful fishing. Nice….Mount Fuji watching spot at the Wakasu ParkThe sunset time is also wonderful where you can see a silhouette of the Mount Fuji with the waters in the front. Many Japanese blogs say this is a kind of dating spot and my imagination agrees. Sunset, Mount Fuji and waterfront, romantic at best. You can see Mount Fuji from different locations in Tokyo, but rare to get a waterfront attached to it.
Mount Fuji watching spot at the Wakasu ParkThe general understanding about tourism in Tokyo is that any spot is usually connected with trains. Unfortunately Wakasu Koen (Park) is far from a train station and the best way to reach this spot is on the Tokyo Bus which you can take from the Shin Kiba Station. You can take any one of the JR Keiyo Line,  Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line or the Rinkai Fukutoshin Line and reach Shin Kiba Station. From this stop take the Ki-11 Wakasu Camp Grounds Bus and get down at the last stop.Mount Fuji watching spot at the Wakasu ParkYou can not only go to the park, but also take an elevator inside the Wakasu Park which will transport you to the top floor connecting to the Gate Bridge! YES you can walk on the bridge between 09:00 a.m. and 05:00 p.m. and the city views from the top are stunning. The below picture does not do enough justice to the overall ambiance, but satisfaction guaranteed.Mount Fuji watching spot at the Wakasu ParkJust a ship anchor rusting in the Wakasu Park lying by the wayside caught my attention. ITS HUGE. Nothing special, but you will find many such “used” marine equipment placed as decoration items across the Wakasu Park.Mount Fuji watching spot at the Wakasu ParkApart from the Mount Fuji, you can watch large merchant ships pass below the bridge and every couple of minutes a plane either landing or taking off from the Haneda Airport in the close vicinity.
Mount Fuji watching spot at the Wakasu ParkThis is my favorite spot at night in Tokyo. The lights are amazing and the flights taking off from Haneda Airport at night, simply too beautiful.Tokyo Gate Bridge from Wakasu Koen (Park)


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      Thanks Clark for the info! Hope you visit on a clear day and you can get some decent shots at this time of the year. With the Olympic activities to kick-in pretty sure this area will be more in the spotlight soon

      – Manish

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  2. Sid Banez


    On our way to Haneda Airport, my wife pointed to a mountain which she said was probably Mt. Fuji. I told her that could not be. But looking back at the photos here, I think she may have been right. Was she right?

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