Kameido Tenjin night time wisteria illuminations

I posted about Kameido wisteria blossoms just yesterday and following up with the same location albeit with a difference. Yesterday I posted about the blue sky and the lavender like color contrast in the morning, but today I want to post a photo story on the night time illuminations of the Wisteria flowers at the Kameido Tenjin Shrine.Kameido Wisteria Night illuminationsThe wisteria flowers are not at their 100% blossom so it is still a few days to go, but still a beautiful sight to look at. There are over 100 wisteria roots in the precincts of the shrine and over 300 years old a tradition. The crowds have already thinned out and the evening wisteria illuminations is a more quiet affair. Kameido Tenjin Shrine is a 15-minute walk from the North Exit of Kameido Station on the Sobu Line.  Sipping a can of hot coffee me and my wife went in to check the blossoms. Google Map Link
Kameido Wisteria Night illuminationsThe creepers in the night are a very different experience than what you see in the morning. The scent of the flowers and the night time ambience of the shrine, both me and my daughter had a lovely experience. We have been visiting this shrine many times over the years, but first time at night.Kameido Wisteria Night illuminationsThe old taiko-bashi bridge which was the first arch bridge, was earlier made of wood and now concrete. The beautiful wisteria flowers in the foreground were planted in the Edo period!! Records indicate that Tsunayoshi, the fifth Tokugawa shogun, and Yoshimune, the eighth shogun, visited this shrine to see the beautiful wisteria flowers. That’s quite some history to inspire a visit there… In the night time the bridge looks A…W…E…S…O…M…E…Kameido Wisteria Night illuminationsI did not think of the volume of the flowers in the morning time, but in the night time in the illumination the volume seemed much more in numbers… Quite a few photographers kept company with their tripods and heavy DSLR gear… I am on my amateur entry level Sony NEX… Kameido Wisteria Night illuminationsThe creepers and the Tokyo Skytree in the backdrop is a wonderful setup in the evening. Kameido wisteria is part of many famous woodblock prints or Ukiyoe, with the most famous one being Hiroshige’s woodblock print from his series called “One Hundred Famous Views of Edo”.

I think the modern architecture is making its mark in this Tokyo downtown with Tokyo Skytree looming in the background just one example. Art should reflect the changing landscapes and contemporary art era of our times should reflect this…Kameido Wisteria Night illuminationsA few people had gathered around in the evening to enjoy the wisteria. It is a shame that the shrine doors are closed by then, so you can pray from the steps itself. My daughter is there at the steps, I can clearly see her….. she really likes this place. We usually used to come to Kameido, visit this shrine and then go to the Sun Street shopping center, but with unfortunate turn of things the Sun Street Shopping Center has closed down.Kameido Wisteria Night illuminationsA few more snaps of the night time wisteria. Beautiful creepers… it is not only the visual candy, but the beautiful flowers have an awesome fragrance…. I also remember having a wisteria flavored ice-cream in Japan a few years back and I really like that fragrance….Kameido Wisteria Night illuminationsI had a Google+ friend of mine who had taken a similar snap last year at night and I wanted to take a similar shot. Tokyo Skytree and Wisteria creepers around it. If only the creepers would have been at their 100% blossoms and a tad bit longer that would have been perfect. Well it gives me reasons to keep coming back to this serene and beautiful shrine. The creeper will grow at least another feet long in a couple of days.Kameido Wisteria Night illuminationsLast view before I sign off on this article…. Skytree and the beautiful wisteria creepers at the Kameido Tenji Fuji Matsuri (Festival)..Kameido Wisteria Night illuminationsOriginal Article : Kameido wisteria blossoms just yesterday

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