Tarak Mehta, Mahabharat’s Jayadratha & India’s 2nd COVID-19 Wave

“Tarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma” or TMKOC, the decade long popular sitcom in India is a reflection of the “diverse” behavioral patterns in the Indian society. More importantly, I have always admired the way TMKOC, very subtly, exposes the behavioral fault lines in our society. A patent scene in the show is that whenever someone asks the

Yokosuka Pokemon Go Story

Sharing in real time for August 29 2018 What a day!! Am so happy. Say Cheese time in Yokosuka Pokemon Go Safari Uniqlo and many other shops have partnered for the event. Buy atleast 500 yen worth goods to exchange for Pokemon Go Safari stickers Received some nice stickers for the 500 yen purchase at

Kameido Tenjin night time wisteria illuminations

I posted about Kameido wisteria blossoms just yesterday and following up with the same location albeit with a difference. Yesterday I posted about the blue sky and the lavender like color contrast in the morning, but today I want to post a photo story on the night time illuminations of the Wisteria flowers at the

5 years since the earthquake of March 2011

I still remember the sunny afternoon on a Friday in Kobe, I was looking forward to a regular weekend and was busy closing most of the actions and head off to Tokyo back home. I used to stay in city of Kobe all the five days of the week and go back to my family

2016 Cherry Blossom Forecast : Tokyo MARCH 22-26 START!

STATUS : CONFIRMED THRU VISITS BY EXPERIENCETOKYO ROPPONGI HILLS : MARCH 28 – FULL BLOOM KUDANSHITA CHIDORIGAFUCHI MARCH 30 – STILL 50% RIKUGIEN GARDENS MARCH 30 – FULL BLOOM UENO PARK MARCH 30 – STILL 50% Its been a warm winter in 2016. There have been spells of cold days, but nothing close to the regular

Beautiful roses and night Illumination at Kyu Furukawa Gardens

Oriental styled gardens are aplenty in Tokyo with Rikugien, Hamarikyu a couple of the major attractions. Kyu Furukawa Gardens in the suburbs are famous for the roses which bloom in spring and autumn. I have visited this place 3 times until now, in year 2000, 2006 and this year during the night time illumination season usually