Benzaiten Temple at Shinobazu Pond in Ueno Park

Benzaiten (弁才天, 弁財天) is a Japanese Buddhist goddess, who originated from the Hindu goddess Saraswati. The Shinobzu Pond at Ueno Park has a temple of Saraswati. Floating on the water of the pond, it is a Buddhist temple dedicated to Saraswati the goddess of the arts, knowledge and wisdom. Japanese of todays generation, pray to her for success in examination and good fortune. Benzaiten Temple at UenoAs with most of the popular locations of Tokyo, the original 17th century temple which was built by the feudal lord then was destroyed in the air raids of Tokyo. Today a reconstructed temple is from 1958.
Benzaiten Temple at Ueno If you  enter the main hall, a long vertical rope as below and a red lantern (chochin) are located. Wake up the gods with the vertical rope which is part of a bell. The spirits have to be awakened, quite similar to a Hindu temple in India. Do not miss the golden dragon or ‘Kin Ryu’ on the ceiling of the temple.Benzaiten Temple at UenoThe temple is so beautiful in the night time. Although the doors shut by 17:00 in the evening, the overall ambience of the temple and the surrounding pond is quite relaxing.Benzaiten Temple at Ueno Saraswati is the goddesses always depicted with a musical instrument and in Japan also she is depicted with a musical instrument. Note the music instrument biwa on the left side in an upright position. If the glare of the light is too much see it in the first snap of this post. That is probably the clearer view of the same.
Benzaiten Temple at UenoThe temple surrounded by a pond is illuminated in the evening. Visit in the days of the lotus flower bloom which is usually in the month of August end.Benzaiten Temple at UenoBeautiful lotus flowers bloom them. The Indian depiction always shows Saraswati seated on a lotus flower while Benzaiten is also mentioned as part of the Lotus sutra, so these flowers are very apt outside the shrine. See the flowers around the shrine in the below snap….Benzaiten Temple at UenoThe beautiful flowers at Shinobazu Pond….
Lotus flowers at Shinobazu PondNight time view of the pond around the temple with the residential buildings in background. In the days of Cherry Blossoms you cannot get such a peaceful setup, only in the off season.
Benzaiten Temple at UenoLocation : The location of this temple is 5 minutes walk from Ueno Koen exit at Ueno Station. See the google maps below.

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