Antique Market at Yasukuni Shrine in Kudanshita

An Indian resident in Tokyo, I frequently go to Kudanshita, where the Indian embassy is located; for passport matters, celebration of festivals and IT forum meetings etc. Just next to the embassy is Yasukuni Shrine which I have frequented many times for the Antique Market held here every Sunday. I like to skim through things, just go around checking for odd stuff and totally love to buy things at a bargain, or better said CHEAP!!!!Antique Market at YasukuniThe Antique Market usually is every Sunday, 8 am – around 3:30 pm, but recommend to use this site to know the latest schedules. (Will be suspended during “cherry-blossom viewing” period in April and the day of “Reitai-sai” festival in July). The market starts early in the morning at 6:00 a.m. next to the parking lot in front of the shrine.Antique Market in Yasukuni ShrineIf you love pottery, picture frames, Japanese fans etc. and if you are good at bargaining, Yasukuni Antique Market is definitely for you. I first visited this antique market in 2004 and have bought many a things from here. Every flea market has some specialty and the one at Yasukuni Shrine has many pottery items and paintings which form the major part of the market. The dealers are usually very friendly and some regular dealers even speak English.Antique Market in Yasukuni Shrine at KudanshitaFlea markets at other places usually attract hordes of dealers, but at Yasukuni Shrine, the best part is that there are no more than 80-100 dealers. This has kept the crowds relatively low and allows better one-to-one discussions, the basic requirement for bargain talk, and you can have a look at the items you are interested in at your own pace.
Foreigners at Antique Market at Yasukuni ShrineThe flea market at Yasukuni Shrine positions itself as real antiques market. I contemplated buying this piece of display pottery, but at 15000 yen, my wife just pulled me away, even before I got into a bargain discussion.Antique Market in Yasukuni ShrineYou can also find old coins, although I am not much of a coin collector and I have never bought them, I couldn’t say anything about authenticity of the same.
Antique Market CoinsI avoid the Yasukuni Shrine flea market in April since the cherry blossom season attracts enormous crowds, but the rest of the year is always fine.
Antique Market in YasukuniIn Japan for long I have lost the art of bargaining, since most of the times in department stores we just pick and pay as per the price tag. That is so different than in India. If you feel that your bargaining skills are gathering dust in Japan, vist the antique market and get going with negotiations and “jugaad”
DSC02522Not many lenses for camera as you can find at other markets, but yeah some collection will always be around.
photo59490Done with bargain hunting you can enjoy the Yasukuni Shrine premises or visit the museum in Yasukuni Shrine premises.
DSC02526I don’t know what is so interesting about buying antiques, but there are a few which have made my home lively like this pot which I got for around 1000 yen and also the ornament wooden box at a similar price.


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