Manish PrabhuneThank-you for visiting I am a resident of Tokyo since 1999, a place where I have stayed longest in my life (21 years) after my native place Mumbai where I spent over 16 years. I hope to bring you the solid 17 year experience of the vibrant city of Tokyo with the BEST looking photography and UNIQUE experiences.

UNIQUE STORIES: You can look for articles in categories like “Snowfall in Tokyo”, which will bring you unique photography of snowfall in the city which is a rarity (once or twice a year).

The blog has a section on discovering “India” in Japan. Many Indians who visit Tokyo and Kyoto go to different shrines oblivious to how much influence has come in from the Indian cultures primarily due to lack of information in English or even due to ignorance of our own culture back in India. India has contributed so much to Japan and I think we Indians should know about this history and the background.

PHOTOGRAPHY : I strongly believe that great stories and great photography leads to the wholesome experience. I ensure that you get to see the photographs which we consider “high quality”, look beautiful, but do not feel like advertisements or unreal using Photoshop like products. The experience has to stay real and I have take care to ensure that we do not produce jazzy/unreal images.

I believe that you will enjoy your time on and more importantly we look to your support in case you want to contribute to the website with unique content that you want to share with us and use our portal as a platform to publish/launch yourself. We can link back to your site or include only your images if you want to contribute with full copyright and reference provided to you.

Last but not the least, we already have amazing feedback on what we can do better. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send us feedback, criticism which you feel will help us improve the overall experience for our users.

You can connect to us at Send Mail on mail or can connect to us on Facebook at the URL : ExperienceTokyo

MANISH PRABHUNE (Web Master, Photography)

MIKA YAMADA (Article Contributor)


  1. Pramod Karanjkar


    Hi Manish,

    Great initiative and collection of your experience for visitors to Japan.
    Appreciate your efforts. Your photography is really awesome.


    Pramod Karanjkar

    • Reply

      Thanks Pramod and nice to connect to you after a long time!
      Trying to put together a few things as a hobby :), hopefully helps people wanting to explore and enjoy Tokyo life!
      Anytime plan to come to Tokyo at your end?
      – Manish



    Hello Manish San !

    Just randomly went through the web site.
    It is really good and just added my self to google (+) and facebook.
    Please continue with your good work.

  3. Reply

    Dear Manish Prabhune,. I am Prakash Narasimhan from Chennai Tamilnadu India. Belongs to Brahmin community. Would like to serve with the Sri Ganesh Temple in Japan. Is it possible to help me out if so please revert @ +91 9025090017. Thanks.

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