Yokosuka Pokemon Go Story

Sharing in real time for August 29 2018

What a day!! Am so happy. Say Cheese time in Yokosuka Pokemon Go Safari

Uniqlo and many other shops have partnered for the event. Buy atleast 500 yen worth goods to exchange for Pokemon Go Safari stickers

Received some nice stickers for the 500 yen purchase at Uniqlo

The badge to have!!!! Melting!!!!!!!!

The morning was cloudy, the sun is out now and the temperature is rising. Using a Pokemon themed Uchiwa they distributed here!

The surprise of Yokosuka, Letter ! And also Letter G

Todays catch, TROPIUS FARM!!!!!h

The surprise Unown is the character “!”

All teams and Godzilla

Posing with the dude

Unlocked 100K Stardust

Catch of the day

Pokemon vending machine, with rare gifts stocked. Got one for 800 yen

Oh boy where do I begin

Cute Pokestops

Event starts

Docomo, Softbank all have dedicated free WIFi spots.

Starting from Tokyo, light traffic. Wife driving so I can enjoy!!c

Getting ready to go…. its gonna be a long day

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