Tokyo Tower Parking Center : Stairs to the tower….

The enthusiast in me is never satisfied. I have tons of snaps of the Tokyo Tower taken over years, but I always long for more unique angles and experiences. Some times I discover new angles or spots by researching online, or by physically going around the spot. Then there are times when you are just LUCKY. I got lucky with this spot which is well known in the Japanese photo blogging circles but I have never known the same. NOTE : All snaps in this article are non DSLR, point and shoot Cybershot. Quality is a bit grainy….)

On a Sunday afternoon, me and my wife went to the Tower and the parking lot below the tower was full, 満車. The attendant informed us of an alternative location in the basement meters away from the tower. The location is called TOKYO TOWER PARKING CENTER a basement location with ample parking.Tokyo Tower Parking CenterThe exit to the tower was marked and we made our way to get out of the same. Written in Japanese “Short-cut to Tokyo Tower” with a night time lit up Tokyo Tower photograph on the left, the exit is easily recognizable. I had no inkling that I was going to get a totally new angle and perspective to the Tokyo Tower as I walked towards the exit.Tokyo Tower Parking CenterWith no idea that I was at an interesting angle, I was not even prepared to take a snap. I stepped out of the exit and the view was so unique. The view dropped in front of me unannounced with stairs leading straight to the tower in perfect symmetry with the walls surrounding it from both the sides. I stopped in my tracks and used a point and shoot (yeah I did not have a DSLR with me) to take this rather grainy shot, but in my personal view a beautiful one since it was a surprise.Tokyo Tower Parking CenterThe view is contrasted with the day time shot offers a different experience with the white and red portions of the tower pronounced as against the strictly orange view of the night.Tokyo Tower Parking CenterRequsted my wife to take a snap of me, and she did, brilliantly blowing off the top side of the tower…. I realized it only when I had gone back home and seen the snap on the PC screen. Ouch… I need to go again.Tokyo Tower Parking CenterTokyo Skytree has taken pulled some attention away from Tokyo Tower and I myself split my time in taking snaps of both the towers, but somehow the structure of the Tokyo Tower still looks elegant than the towering style of the Skytree. A snap directly from the bottom of the tower looking up, to the structure which came up on the sidelines of Olympics in 1964..Tokyo Tower Parking CenterI took some other snaps of the Tokyo Tower reflected in the mirror of a bike in the parking lot.Tokyo Tower Parking CenterWe had some nice coffee at the Kohikan cafe at the Tower basement, a evening well spent with a new perspective and an angle shot of the Tokyo Tower. My search for interesting angles of this tower continue… the journey never ends. A final iPhone snap to complete the photo story. If you liked this story, you may also like this related 11 views of Tokyo Tower I have taken over the years or compared with Eiffel TowerTokyo Tower Parking Center





    Hello, i was wondering where the exact location is like on google maps so I can go there. Please contact me back.




        try this google tokyo tower on maps, then google parking center in the tokyo tower area, it will show you two parking places one right next to the tower and other down below (to the south) in japanese charachters, that is the parking lot with the stairs.


    Claudia Goh


    Hi.. do u have the exact location? i trying to find in goodle map but cant get


    Claudia Goh


    Hi.. do u have the exact location? i trying to find in google map but cant get

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