10 Years since Madonna’s JUMP: 15 parkour locations of Shibuya

As a first generation migrant IT guy from India, most of my generation folks came to Japan in the early or the late 90s. With IT skill and the bilingual element to offer to the Japanese market most of us today get emotional about India when we are in Japan and equally so about Japan

GOT IT! Godzilla’s official residency certificate at Shinjuku Ward Office

Godzilla or Gojira as he is called in Japanese, was announced as an official resident of Japan by the Shinjuku Ward office in April. Godzilla also appeared on the terrace of the Gracery Hotel in the neighborhood. The ward decided to introduce some “gamification” and announced that 3000 limited print residency papers will be distributed free

Nearby in Kabukicho : Hanazono Shrine

Going around in Kabukicho in a salaryman suit can be an uncomfortable experience. Popular red light district of Shinjuku it was right next to the place where I used to visit a customer for my weekly meetings. Within all the noise of the services of the entertainment district and LED lights is a blissful and a

Experience Tokyo – FREE Breathtaking view of Tokyo from the Metropolitan Government Building

Shinjuku is home of the tallest office buildings in Tokyo, most of which are located in the famous Western side of the Shinjuku district. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government is located in the twin towers and the top floor houses the observation decks open to public access, yes for FREE. First the details Address Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building No.1,

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