Summer Lotus Flowers at the Chiba Garden

Cherry blossoms in March, Wisteria in May and Lotus flowers in Summer. The month of July in Japan is the start of the summer season and the time for beautiful lotus flowers. The Chiba Koen (Garden) which is walk-able distance from the JR Chiba Station and has a pond where lotus flowers bloom usually by mid of July.
Lotus flowers at Chiba KoenIf the walk from the JR Chiba Station is tough in the July heat of Tokyo, you can also jump to the Chiba Urban Monorail from the JR Chiba Station and go two stations to Chiba Koen station. Its a two minute walk from this station to the Garden which has not only the lotus pond, but also beautiful landscaping, boat ride facilities and good Cafe’s which can fill in half a day worth of activity.
Lotus flowers at Chiba KoenThe Park is literally next to the Urban Monorail and you can catch the hanging trains pass by a nice backdrop for the lotus flowers as you can see in the snap below. The monorail comes in interesting decorations of animation cartoon characters in yellow, blue and red colors. The ride on the driver-less monorail was somehow more enjoyable for my daughter than the flowers 🙂
Lotus flowers at Chiba KoenThe park has a Japanese only website, which we recommend you see for the updates. Depending on the bloom schedule you can time your trip to ensure that you get to see the maximum number of flowers at the Park. Chiba Kouen Homepage
Lotus flowers in Chiba ParkI had last seen lotus flowers in India during one visit to the gardens in Bangalore and its been quite a while since then. The Chiba Park had the fragrance of the lotus flowers which at first I did not recognize, but was a very nostalgic one. The size of the flowers at the park was also quite big as compared to the variety in India and the various snaps here although may not give you an idea, in real, the flowers are B..I..G.. and have a sweet smell. Enjoyed the same…
Lotus flowers at Chiba KoenThe month of July was hot and staying outside in the sunlight was getting a bit tough on me and my family. We already had a boat ride and were now looking for some shade which was in this wood house located in the center of the Park. Various photographs taken by visitors and sent to the park were on display inside the wood house (I submitted one too and it was there on display too!!)
Lotus flowers at Chiba KoenIf you are looking for a quick small trip within an hours distance in Tokyo, recommend this Park early in the mornings or post afternoon on a hot day in July. Go with a cap, have enough water, put on shorts and sandals and you will have a great time here. On the way back you can also stop by the Chiba Marine Port Tower which is a bit of a walk from the park (20-25 minutes) but equally a good spot to see in the neighborhood.
Lotus flowers at Chiba Koen


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