Tokyo in Snow : Tokyo Station goes silent and white

This (below) is what the Tokyo Station looks like on a normal evening as seen from the Maru Biru 7th  observation floor. The Tokyo Station, in 2014, completed 100 years from the time it was built in the last century and the design has been restored to its original beauty.Tokyo station panorama shotIt snows not more than 2-3 times in a year in Tokyo and some years pass by with no accumulation of snow. In 2014, when it did snow for a whole day long, the rather busy station went silent and white and we planned to go up the same location and take a snap as to how it looks during snowfall. Here is the below image to compare the two.Tokyo Station panorama shot in the snowThe Station was eerily quiet at 6 p.m. in the evening on a work day. Looks like most people were only out for essential work and some enthusiasts with their cameras.Tokyo Station in the snowIt was still snowing heavily and the snow was accumulating along the walk way leading to the Tokyo Station. It was difficult to walk and realised that we were wearing footwear not suited for walking in the accumulated snow, a rare occurrence in Tokyo. The city is always caught ill prepared for this 2-3 times a year event.Tokyo Station in the snowAccumulated snow and a few taxis around the South entrance of the Tokyo Station.Tokyo Station in the snowOn the North entrance to the Tokyo Station we saw the trees draped with the snow, a scenery and beauty which we never witness on a normal day. It had been snowing for nearly 24 hours long and the city was set for a standstill the next couple of days.Tokyo Station in the snowThe top conical portion of the Tokyo Station had also gone white, but by this time we were freezing and wanted to get back home as early as possible.Tokyo Station in the snowJust before we decided to go back, we took some final snaps which catches an absence of traffic on the road and the inches of snow which had piled up on the road
Tokyo Station in the snowThe naughty expectation is that it keeps snowing for a couple of days, stops the train network and we get a holiday to stay back home :). In the age of Internet, Smart Mobile devices and Bring your own device, unfortunately we can also work from home without having to physically travel to office…
Tokyo Station in the snowFinishing the photo shoot, we headed to the South Exit to go to the Otemachi Station and head back home on the Tozai Line.
Tokyo Station in the snowStay warm, stay safe and back to enjoying a hot cup of coffee back home…. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow….


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    I just went through your entire blog and I found it quite interesting. The pictures you have included really are engaging and well done.

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