Spring is also YELLOW : Hamarikyu Gardens in Tokyo

Spring and Japan equal the color light-pink of the sakura, cherry blossoms. Its like cricket in India. So much focus on the game that others do not matter. And yet every year as the month of March comes closer, the Hamarikyu Gardens in Tokyo sport a yellow carpet of rapeseed blossoms quietly on the sidelines of the Sakura flowers also in the same garden.
Yellow Carpet of rapeseed blossoms at Hamarikyu GardensHamarikyu is a Japanese style garden right in the midst of the Shiodome skyscrapers! The site of a villa of the Tokugawa family (ruling family of Japan) in the 17th century was remodelled as a public garden park, Hamarikyu Gardens. The garden is famous among the tourists for a teahouse, Nakashima located in the middle of the pond in the garden that offers matcha and Japanese sweets in a tea-ceremony style.

Hamarikyu GardensIn the middle of March, at the onset of the spring, the flowers at Hamarikyu Garden in Shimbashi start to bloom, with the rapeseed yellow flowers being first in the line. Hamarikyu Garden is a very popular spot for the rapeseed blossoms which are actually quite spectacular and a great attraction for people in Mid March.
Yellow Rapeseeds and Sakura flowers at Hamarikyu GardensThe gardens attracts visitors which is usually second week of March before the Sakura season goes full bloom by end of March.
Japanese moms with their camera gear at Hamarikyu gardens, TokyoThe park has a total of 300000 rape blossoms set in the garden! and they look gorgeous in the backdrop of the Shiodome high-rise buildings including the marketing agency Dentsu landmark of Shiodome.
Hamarikyu GardensYou can spot many Japanese couples posing for pictures in their traditional attire and is a popular photoshoot location for newlyweds.
Hamarikyu Garden : Japanese couple in traditional attireWe went up the Shiodome Building to take a look at the Hamarikyu Gardens from above and took the panoramic view of the Tokyo Bay with Rainbow Bridge on the right, the Gardens below and the Kachidoki area on the left side of the snap below.
Hamarikyu GardensLast but not the least, when everyone is chanting the word PINK for the cherry blossoms in spring, we ALSO are fans of the YELLOW at the Hamarikyu Gardens, which is equally a beautiful hanami (flower watching) spot.
Hamarikyu Gardens
A two year old time lapse I took on an iPhone 4S is here. Not great quality, but gives an idea


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