Experience Sumo. An exhibition at KITTE Marunouchi (Aug. 12-29, 2015)

What do Sumo Wrestlers eat? How long is the Mawashi (belt) the wrestlers wear and how heavy is it? If you are in Tokyo this month until August 29, hop over to the KITTE Marunouchi building (also knows as JP Tower) at Tokyo Station for the answers. The facility is holding an experience event in Tokyo for visitors to get to know the sport better and has many attractions including a sumo match on the 29th of August!!!JP Tower KITTE Marunouchi

JP Tower or KITTE Marunouchi has recreated an actual size genuine sumo ring, where exhibition matches of wrestlers will be held on Aug. 29. There is an ongoing sumo-related exhibit ahead of the event running from August 12, which includes crazy things like a bowl with a mountain of rice showing how much of the grain a wrestler eats per meal.KITTE Sumo Exhibition : A sumo meal and white rice volume!!!The most interesting exhibit is of a model of a life-size sumo wrestler’s stomach, including its firmness, and this seemed to be popular with ladies and children, trying to get a “feel” of the sumo’s tummy.KITTE Marunouchi Sumo ExhibitionIf four sumo wrestlers to go out and dine, what does their restaurant bill look like? Well here it is A LOOOOOOONG receipt with the complete history of the things they ordered!!!! Will certainly never offer to take a sumo on a lunch or dinner!Restaurant bill for a SumoIf you are in town on the 29th August, you can watch a real sumo match, an exhibition version which will be conducted in the afternoon. Sumo match groundA gimmick called “sumo wrestler camera” popular with kids where you can take a sumo selfie with good image editing software to fit your face with sumo styled topknot hair.Sumo selfieThe sumo waist belt or mawashi is also on display, just note that on an average the mawashi tends to be 10 meters in length!!! CRAZY, it is long and also heavy! Wow if I were to wear it for a minute a low back pain is almost CERTAIN.KITTE Sumo ExhibitionThere is also a HUGE mountain of salt which the sumo wrestlers are popularly known to throw around in a ring before a bout to ward off the evil spirits and help them win a particular match.KITTE Sumo ExhibitionFigures and other goodies were also on sale which you can buy at the location.KITTE Marunouchi Sumo ExhibitionThe Tokyo Station neighborhood underwent a lot of change in the recent years, and the contrast on the Marunouchi side and the Yaesu side are really worth checking out. The Marunouchi side has been restored to the original 100 year old design and the the nearby landmarks has also undergone renovation including the JP Tower, the Tokyo Central Post Office building, completed in 2013. The KITTE Marunouchi (Kitte means stamp, for the postal stamp) has an awesome terrace overlooking the Tokyo Station and we think you should go see it (free access) in the evenings.
Tokyo Station from JP KITTE Tower

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