A Drone to stop a drone? Tokyo’s innovative solution to stop rogue drones

Have you tried to scoop a goldfish at a local festival in Japan? Well, its using a scoop to pick fish and transfer them to a bowl, a game very popular with both kids and adults at Japanese summer festivals.The law enforcement agencies in Tokyo have probably picked this idea for their efforts to control DRONES!!!With drones starting to consume

Tokyo 2020 Emblem : Open Design Competition

So we all know how the Tokyo 2020 emblem and the plagiarism controversy surrounding it ended…. You can get yourself a recap over at Controversial Tokyo Olympics emblem ditched finally With the old emblem now out the door, the organizing committee is running against a tight schedule to get a replacement within a year. A couple

Rules relaxed on mobile phone usage in the Priority Seating area

It was common belief that mobile phones can interfere with pacemakers. The perceived fear of electromagnetic interference from the mobile phones have seen stickers like the below on Yamanote Line trains near the priority seating asking the passengers to keep their mobile phones turned off in that area. Announcements also used to repeat this on JR

Tokyo Disney Celebration Hotel to be constructed by 2016 at Shin Urayasu

Milial Resort Hotels, the company which operate the various Disney Hotels in Tokyo including the Disney Ambassador Hotel have announced plans for a fourth hotel to be built in Shin Urayasu neighborhood by 2016. The idea is to provide for reasonable rates for customers visiting the Tokyo DisneyLand and DisneySea. The rates although are not

Coming up near the Tokyo Station : Tallest Skyscraper at 390 meters to be built by 2027

The tallest building in Japan presently is not in Tokyo, but in Osaka. Abenobashi Terminal Building Skyscraper (Abeno Harukas) at 300 meters nearly matches the Tokyo Tower at 333 meters. The Mitsubishi Jisho construction company is all set to best that record by a whole 90 meters at 390 meters and build a skyscraper near the

Antique Market at Yasukuni Shrine in Kudanshita

An Indian resident in Tokyo, I frequently go to Kudanshita, where the Indian embassy is located; for passport matters, celebration of festivals and IT forum meetings etc. Just next to the embassy is Yasukuni Shrine which I have frequented many times for the Antique Market held here every Sunday. I like to skim through things, just go around checking for

Experience Sumo. An exhibition at KITTE Marunouchi (Aug. 12-29, 2015)

What do Sumo Wrestlers eat? How long is the Mawashi (belt) the wrestlers wear and how heavy is it? If you are in Tokyo this month until August 29, hop over to the KITTE Marunouchi building (also knows as JP Tower) at Tokyo Station for the answers. The facility is holding an experience event in

Crazy beer names and branding lift sales for Japanese manufacturers

“Old wine in new bottle”, the Japanese beer manufacturers seem to have taken this phrase to heart.. Draft beers Asahi, Yebisu and Kirin have been sold for years with a similar can design which can be downright boring and a routine sight. A general perception is that all beers more or less taste the same….


The rains continue in Tokyo and temperature still remains cool. That is all set to change with the weekend predicting sunshine and temperatures are set to climb up for summer up to 29 degrees in Tokyo on Sunday. Midtown is set to host an event of lights “SUMMER LIGHT GARDEN” with a unique first time

Super Mario food menu at the Shibuya Tower Records Cafe

I AM A SUPER MARIO FAN, well, a drop in the ocean of fans of this game from Nintendo. As I wrote a few days back that Tower Records is collaborating with Nintendo in their 30th Anniversary year for Super Mario franchise to launch a campaign “limited edition Super Mario Bros. x Tower Records Cafe” event going on between

Tokyo is ranked at top by Monocle Magazine 2015 Quality of Life survey

Rankings and surveys are always controversial. Subjective views and perceptions in a connected world make it tougher to define the measure for defining “livable” index of cities. As per Monocle Magazine 2015, Tokyo is the best city in the world, on the livable index. Me a resident of Tokyo, I love the rhythm and the

Super Mario to make a debut on Tower Records Cafe menu (JUNE 22 – JULY 05)

In today’s world of streaming music and iTunes, Japan still has audience hooked to buying Audio CD’s and DVD’s. Companies like Tower Records, use collectors items, promotional goods to keep consumers wanting to own a physical piece of the music action than a digital only download which is less tangible. Tower Records is collaborating with Nintendo in

Tokyo Olympics 2020 accelerates “Autonomous Drive” vehicle innovation

Japan made a phenomenal recovery in the post war period and by 1964 was holding events like the Olympics in a modern city of that time complete with world class infrastructure. The main symbols of this were the bullet trains (Shinkansen), the newly built Tokyo Tower and yes DRIVER-LESS MONORAIL. The 2020 Olympics will see Hydrogen

SPOTTED !, The new E235 JR Yamanote Line train on a test run

UPDATE : NOVEMBER 30 2015 : At around 15:00 at JR Osaki Station, the first E235 will be officially flagged off and inducted into regular service. The new Yamanote Line was officially flagged off from JR Osaki Station today.The train was flooded with people, mostly fans who were busy taking snaps inside and outside the

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