11 Night views of the Tokyo Tower : Shining in the shadow of the Skytree

The popular JPOP group SMAP song “Sekai ni hitotsu dake no hana” starts with something which means

In life you do not need to be number one, but a ‘special’ only one with your own unique differentiation

Indeed so.. the Tokyo Tower has been the soul and the sole tower for the Tokyo City until in 2011 the Tokyo Skytree came up and took the crown for the tallest structure in the city. Tokyo Tower even today with its beautiful architecture still stands tall in the center of the city and continues to attract tourists even today. We have been fans of this architecturally appealing structure and have taken enough snaps over the years and thought to assimilate 11 night views of the Tokyo Tower in this article.

View 1 : Ship trails, the Rainbow Bridge and the Tokyo Tower

If you walk over the Rainbow Bridge, from the Odaiba side you can view the Tokyo Tower on the far right and also get the Rainbow Bridge in the same frame.
Tokyo Tower in combination with Rainbow Bridge

View 2 : Compare the old and the new

The Yebisu Garden Place Observatory near the JR Ebisu Station is the right spot to view the Tokyo Tower and the Skytree on a particularly clear day for this shot which shows both the towers at relatively same height. For numbers sake Tokyo Tower is 333 meters tall and Skytree is 634 meters in height.
Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Skytree combo

View 3 : Frame the Tokyo Tower

The parking lot of the Odaiba Decks is the perfect spot where the Tokyo Tower is perfectly visible through the Rainbow Bridge. One of the favourite spots to view the Tokyo Tower
Tokyo Tower through the Rainbow Bridge

View 4 : Mark of freedom

The Tokyo Tower was a symbol for Tokyo during the Olympic of 1964 to showcase to the world the economic freedom path the country was on post the disastrous Second World War. The Statue of Liberty at Odaiba is a nice foreground to the Tokyo Tower in the background.
Tokyo Tower and Statue of Liberty

View 5 : Warm Christmas

The Tokyo Tower as seen in the backdrop of the Roppongi Christmas illumination. The blue LED’s add warmth to the overall Christmas mood every year.
Tokyo Tower and Roppongi Christmas illumination

View 6 : Christmas lights and traffic trails

The Tokyo Tower with traffic trails and Christmas lights from the Roppongi Hills.
Tokyo Tower and Roppongi Christmas illumination

View 7 : Traffic Trails near the Tokyo Tower

The orange illumination of the Tokyo Tower is quite standard while the blue LED’s are a novelty. The traffic trails with this unique illumination give a complete different experience of the Tokyo Tower.
Tokyo Tower and traffic trails

View 8 : The Tower and over time

Japan is notoriously famous for long and low productive work hours. The phrase “東京の夜景は残業でできている”, The illumination of Tokyo is courtesy of over working employees. See the building on left and you will get the clue.
Tokyo Tower at Blue Hour

View 9 : The old, the new and the eternal

A few steps from the Tokyo Tower is the temple of Zojoji. Love this spot which blends the old (Zojoji Temple), the new (Tokyo Tower) and the eternal (the moon). A spot of bliss.
The moon, the shrine and the Tokyo Tower

View 10 : A vertical panorama

The best way to take a snap of the Tokyo Tower is to literally lie down below the Tokyo Tower and take the snap looking up. A vertical panorama which captures the complete grandeur of the structure. Long live the Tokyo Tower
Tokyo Tower - View from below

View 11 : Nostalgia’s sake

It was 2003 when the Roppongi Hills was inaugurated and the Tokyo City View boasted of awesome Tokyo Tower views. A 2003 shot taken from an amateur Cybershot camera…
First Tokyo Tower snap taken in 2003 from Roppongi Hills


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