Tokyo Monorail watching at Tennozu Isle

My first trip to Japan was Mumbai – Osaka – Tokyo (Haneda) on an ANA flight. I remember taking the Tokyo Monorail from Haneda Airport to reach Hamamatsucho. The city view was fantastic dotted with various warehouses along the way of the bay area of Tokyo. Significant development has happened over the past 15 years

Giant Robot and Kyu Furukawa Rose Garden

“Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot”, does this ring a bell? Well what was popular in the 1960’s in Japan as ジャイアントロボ (Giant Robot) and was a hit in the US in the 70’s as “Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot” was on Indian television channel Doordarshan in the mid 1980’s when I was 12

Shadow of Hachiko and masters reunion a hit with the Japanese

The University of Tokyo decided to erect a bronze statue of Mr. Ueno and his pet dog to commemorate 90 years of his death with a reunion statue. The professor’s pet dog Hachiko touched the hearts of Japanese people across the nation due to his devotion of waiting every day in front of Tokyo’s Shibuya

Beautiful roses and night Illumination at Kyu Furukawa Gardens

Oriental styled gardens are aplenty in Tokyo with Rikugien, Hamarikyu a couple of the major attractions. Kyu Furukawa Gardens in the suburbs are famous for the roses which bloom in spring and autumn. I have visited this place 3 times until now, in year 2000, 2006 and this year during the night time illumination season usually

Timelapse action from Chiba Port Tower observation floor

Panoramic views are my personal favorite and any new city or place I visit, I make it a point to visit all those interesting places from where you get a view from high above. It somehow gives me the feeling of “I’ve seen it all”, and Chiba Port Tower in particular. If you want to

Atago Shrine : Oasis in the center of the busy Tokyo Metropolis

In the busy commercial neighborhood of Kamiyacho in Tokyo I came across these long, steep, ancient stone staircase.. Wondered what it was and saw the sign board, Atago Shrine. Hmm interesting, lets check it out. The stairs are really steep and I found it later that a Samurai climbed the steps on horseback to deliver plum blossoms

Ikebana exhibition at the Meguro Gajoen 2016

In nature, everything has its place and a reason to exist. It is not chaotic. The human mind treats nature as disorderly and imposes culture in an attempt to bring order. Frightening “forests” are domesticated into “docile” gardens, rivers converted to canals. Ikebana is a cultural construct, popularly and “insufficiently” translated as flower arrangement an

Oriental themed artistic toilet at the Meguro Gajoen

Public toilets need to be clean but artistic? Well thats an experience which I bumped into at Meguro Gajoen recently. Built in 1935 and known as the Showa Era’s ‘Palace of the Dragon God,’ Meguro Gajoen is the first wedding complex to be built in Japan. The rest room is elegantly designed in an oriental theme right from the

Koinobori or Carp Streamers across Tokyo – Tokyo Tower, Asakusa, Hamamatsucho

The birth rate in Japan is said to be at a record low and the government, media, society frequently discuss this issue but with not much success. Economic difficulties, less societal support structures (day care etc.) etc. contribute to the problem… Japan has been historically celebrating Children’s day wishing healthy and strong growth for kids,

The Eiffel Tower and Tokyo Tower : Falling in love with the original and the “inspired”

“Good artists copy, great artists steal” was Picasso’s saying which Steve Jobs used when asked if he copied the idea of mouse and a personal computer from Xerox. He explained that “Ultimately, it comes down to taste. It comes down to trying to expose yourself to the best things that humans have done and then

Fusion of Culture and Nature : Wisteria blossoms at Ashikaga Flower Park

Forests are natural. Gardens are a human construct to bring order and structure which I experienced at Ashikaga Flower Park last year as an effort of human and nature’s collaboration. The Wisteria trees are creepers meaning they are usually not self supported like the regular trees, but can take support of surfaces to propagate and grow. One of

The Fallen Petals

A Japanese poem goes something like “It often becomes windy and rainy after flowers blossom.”. In the past 2 days a large number of cherry blossom petals have been blown away by the wind and rain in my office neighborhood nearby Meguro River. Cherry Blossoms are celebrated not only for the beauty but also the transient nature, short


The Indian festival of COLORS, to welcome the spring HOLI will be celebrated on the picturesque location of Aka Renga Souko in Yokohama on the coming weekend. Will be going on Saturday, let us know at if you are interested in going together with a Meetup group. Date : 10th to 12th April 2015

Fried Potato on Soba?? The world of differentiation

So in a world of choices, to beat competition, companies, individuals try to differentiate. Original ideas get copied by the competition and a cycle of differentiation called as innovation. See Apple, Google, Microsoft …. Now differentiation is sometimes done to shock and awe the customer to try something new and we had an ice-cream experience ourselves at Nakano Broadway

Taco Bell Japan to open at Shibuya Dogenzaka on April 21, 2015

Taco Bell Japan, the subsidiary of the American chain of fast-food restaurants has been having this “We are coming” teaser for quite some time now and today they have announced that the first store will open in Tokyo. Location… SHIBUYA DOGENZAKA!! 渋谷道玄坂!! Opening on April 21, 2015, there will be classic dishes like tacos, burritos, and quesadillas, but