Peeing Boy Statue gets ready for summer

For the complete information and photos on the Peeing Boy Statue, see The article here…. The Peeing Boy Statue at JR Hamamatsucho Station has very interesting dress ups and now he is ready for summer too! Shorts, Half T-Shirts, sun cap, sunflower! in his hand…. The cute boy used to have Sakura flowers in his

Crazy beer names and branding lift sales for Japanese manufacturers

“Old wine in new bottle”, the Japanese beer manufacturers seem to have taken this phrase to heart.. Draft beers Asahi, Yebisu and Kirin have been sold for years with a similar can design which can be downright boring and a routine sight. A general perception is that all beers more or less taste the same….


The rains continue in Tokyo and temperature still remains cool. That is all set to change with the weekend predicting sunshine and temperatures are set to climb up for summer up to 29 degrees in Tokyo on Sunday. Midtown is set to host an event of lights “SUMMER LIGHT GARDEN” with a unique first time

Pet cats and dogs in Kimono wear

Pets in Japan get some real royal treatment in every sphere of life from baby carts, to posh hair salons, pet hotels and even the NEWS coverage. Just today morning there was a news item of a cat stranded on the pillar of a highway bridge unable to make it down covered a full 10

Super Mario food menu at the Shibuya Tower Records Cafe

I AM A SUPER MARIO FAN, well, a drop in the ocean of fans of this game from Nintendo. As I wrote a few days back that Tower Records is collaborating with Nintendo in their 30th Anniversary year for Super Mario franchise to launch a campaign “limited edition Super Mario Bros. x Tower Records Cafe” event going on between

Koto-ku Hanabi Taikai, Fireworks Festival

If Spring in Japan is about Hanami or flower watching, summer is about Hanabi or fireworks. Firework festivals are held all over Japan during the summer season as the wind is gentler and the temperatures allow for external social activities in the evenings. Attending a hanabi event had been a fundamental part in Japanese culture.

Tokyo is ranked at top by Monocle Magazine 2015 Quality of Life survey

Rankings and surveys are always controversial. Subjective views and perceptions in a connected world make it tougher to define the measure for defining “livable” index of cities. As per Monocle Magazine 2015, Tokyo is the best city in the world, on the livable index. Me a resident of Tokyo, I love the rhythm and the

Super Mario to make a debut on Tower Records Cafe menu (JUNE 22 – JULY 05)

In today’s world of streaming music and iTunes, Japan still has audience hooked to buying Audio CD’s and DVD’s. Companies like Tower Records, use collectors items, promotional goods to keep consumers wanting to own a physical piece of the music action than a digital only download which is less tangible. Tower Records is collaborating with Nintendo in

Tokyo Olympics 2020 accelerates “Autonomous Drive” vehicle innovation

Japan made a phenomenal recovery in the post war period and by 1964 was holding events like the Olympics in a modern city of that time complete with world class infrastructure. The main symbols of this were the bullet trains (Shinkansen), the newly built Tokyo Tower and yes DRIVER-LESS MONORAIL. The 2020 Olympics will see Hydrogen

Hakusan Shrine Summer flowers Ajisai/Hydrangea

Summer time in Tokyo, Hakusan Shrine is famous for the Ajisai/Hydrangea flowers. Over 3,000 hydrangea plants bloom in June with variety of colors. The first week of June to first week of July is the time every years when there is a Ajisai Matsuri (Hydrangea festival) at the Hakusan Shrine. Beautiful lanterns and the Hydrangea flowers at

In 7 Minutes : Shinkansen, Bullet Train cleanup

In 2010, Harvard Business School published a case study “The Dabbawala (Tiffin courier service) System: On-Time Delivery, Every Time” an essential service for the office goers in the city of Mumbai, my hometown in India. Consistency, punctuality and less than one mistake in 6 million deliveries it is a marvel… Japanese service industry is also

Tokyo Skytree and Hydrangea (Ajisai)

Ajisai or Hydrangea flowers can be found almost anywhere in Tokyo and Japan, on street corners and even footpaths. Summer time flowers of Japan, Ajisai blossoms start in June and last until July. The flowers have a long history in these islands and  many scholars assert that it is indigenous to Japan. The beauty of the flowers

SPOTTED !, The new E235 JR Yamanote Line train on a test run

UPDATE : NOVEMBER 30 2015 : At around 15:00 at JR Osaki Station, the first E235 will be officially flagged off and inducted into regular service. The new Yamanote Line was officially flagged off from JR Osaki Station today.The train was flooded with people, mostly fans who were busy taking snaps inside and outside the

GOT IT! Godzilla’s official residency certificate at Shinjuku Ward Office

Godzilla or Gojira as he is called in Japanese, was announced as an official resident of Japan by the Shinjuku Ward office in April. Godzilla also appeared on the terrace of the Gracery Hotel in the neighborhood. The ward decided to introduce some “gamification” and announced that 3000 limited print residency papers will be distributed free